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This is the Pest Control Direct UNITED STATES website. Only a few products are in the store right now but we will be increasing the range of products and pests in the next few months.
To go to our UK website where a huge range of products are available for UK supply only

Welcome To Our Site

Welcome To Our Site

This site is for American citizens that wish to import specialist pest control products from the UK for use around their homes or businesses.
The current range of products is small as we are exploring the potential for business within the United States. All of us are keen to provide Americans with the same kind of service and quality products that we supply to the UK market. Items are shipped from the UK via AIR MAIL and can be expected to arrive in the US 5-7 working days from placement of the order.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you will find a pest control product of interest, most are not available in the United States and several are our own brand items.
Bob Guy (Principal)

Best Selling Items

Rentokil Moth Killer hanging Unit (2 pack)

Rentokil Moth Killer hanging Unit (2 pack)

3.00 ($4.50)

Remember Vapona Strips, then Moth Defence ? ( both now withdrawn from sale due to environmental and registration issues)

Well, here is the 21st Centruy equivalent moth control cassette, in fact, superior in our opinion.

Provides protection from moths infestation for clothes and fabrics. Replaces one of our most popular moth control products since its introduction 5 years ago ( Moth Defence ).

Totally odourless, non-staining and kills moth adults, larvae and EGGS for up to 6 months

Unique date indicator on the front allows you to shedule replacement moth killer installations

Contains: Transfluthrin 2.18% w/w (Two integral hook units per pack)

Moth Killer impregnated felt pad in hook topped holder for hanging in wardrobes, cupboards or placement in drawers, although the Rentokil Moth Killer Strips (below) are better for smaller areas or Vape Moth Killer Pillows

One unit will protect a single (small wardrobe) so use two units in most wardrobes. Six months protection of your clothes for a very small investment!

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Rentokil Moth Killer Strips (2 pack)

Rentokil Moth Killer Strips (2 pack)

3.00 ($4.50)

This is an amazing product, kills adult moth larvae and eggs by use of an odourless vapour.

Paper strips impregnated withTransfluthrin 50mg (0.47%) per strip. Each strip treats up to one cubic yard, which is approximately the internal size of a single wardrobe, use two strips (ie: one pack) for a double wardrobe.

The product has long life of up to 6 months so very cost effective in application.

Strips can be cut into small pieces to use between stored clothes, inside storage boxes, suitcases ar virtually any small area ie: in drawers.

This is a fantastic product that the world market has needed for some time.
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None of our products are EPA Approved, however all are EU Approved. State taxes are not included in our prices, any State Taxes are the responsibility of the buyer
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