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Premise Granular 3.6 lbs

Premise Granular 3.6 lbs

Price: $25.43

Granular version of the product listed above. Can be used effectively as a total termite treatment without the mess and fuss.

Premise Granular unlike other termites products have a domino affect on the termites. Premise is not a repellent but kills the termite that has been exposed over a period of time, if the exposed termite comes in contact either by feed or grooming it will kill them as well. Use Premise Granular in the soil around the house surroundings. Premise attacks more then one termite at a time giving it a domino affect that wipes out the whole colony in the end.

Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid 1 - .5%

Target Pest: Termite

Apply to:

  • Bare soil, landscaped areas, turf grass and mulch areas
  • Areas surrounding structures that are subject to termite attack
  • Non-structural wood-to-soil contact situations
  • Quick and easy -- start killing termites instantly.
  • Can be used before full structural treatment
  • No mixing or set-up time
  • No water needed to apply
  • No bulky, heavy equipment needed

  • Product/Specimen Label